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Spectral Analysis of Hair provides an accurate assessment of the balance of vital minerals in the body

A detailed report featuring all minerals will give you a clear picture of the present state of things. You will be able to learn if there is a deficiency or excess of certain minerals.

You will receive a detailed report stating which minerals are within the normal limits and which ones are in excess or deficit.

The results of this test will help you adjust your nutrition plan and tailor your supplement intake according to your individual needs to restore the elemental balance in your body.

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The main advantage of testing your hair in comparison with other methods is the quality of information you are able to get as a result of this test. Hair analysis is able to show the level of microelements not only at the present moment but within the past 6 months. This allows us to determine more precisely if there is a deficiency or excessive amounts of certain microelements causing issues with metabolic processes in your body.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to ship and store the hair. Even if you mail your hair to us in a simple mailing envelope you will still get the same precise test results.

Hair analysis is also very convenient for children who usually are not fans of doing the bloodwork.

You can learn more about the steps of hair analysis here

It takes about 10 working days from the moment we receive your hair sample to analyze it and prepare the detailed report. We will email you a copy of the report and you will also be able to view it in your personal account on our website.

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There will be no diagnoses in the analysis report. But there will be detailed information about exactly what symptoms and diseases can be caused by a deficiency and an excess of certain elements (which in your analysis will be outside the norm.)
Hair mineral analysis is an innovative diagnostic method, it allows you to see the possible causes of diseases, as well as long-term disorders in the body that may provoke diseases in the future.
In addition, you can order a consultation with a doctor, a bio-element specialist, and get answers to all your questions, or you can show the results of hair mineral analysis to your doctor.

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In case you don’t have enough hair on your head to take the test, you can send a hair sample from your chest or pubic area. As in the case of short hair, the volume of one teaspoon will be enough for the study.


You can read more instructions on this page.

  • Hair mineral analysis determines the balance of trace elements over the past 6 months.
  • It is necessary to do it regularly if you want to track your progress, then we recommend doing the second test immediately after the course completed, usually in 2-3 months.
  • If you feel great, nothing bothers you, then hair mineral analysis can be done less often, once every few years, or prophylactically during periods special for the body: high intensity of sports training, pregnancy, harmful working conditions, prolonged stress or other factors provoking an imbalance.
  • Most of the trace elements necessary for the body are now almost impossible to obtain in the required amount with food.

  • Therefore, a 1-3 month course of taking supplements is a good quick way to restore the micronutrient balance. But it is important to understand that, although trace elements are not a medicine, only after doing the analyses, you can correctly choose the required dose and duration of taking the missing elements.

  • There are various connections between trace elements that enhance or reduce their absorption, some of them cannot be taken at the same time, and some, on the contrary, should be added to the course for a better result, and only a bio-element specialist or dietetics will take into account all these multiple factors based on the result of the analysis and the presence of all trace elements in the body.

    You can read about each trace element on this page.

We recommend consulting a doctor if you are suffering from some kind of chronic disease or if you want to protect yourself from a hereditary disease in the future. Sometimes it is enough to adjust your diet and add the necessary micronutrients to your menu according to the recommendations from the spectral analysis report on the myYLEM health management platform.

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For the most part, in order to exclude an excess of some trace elements, courses of taking micronutrients are usually designed for 1-3 months. After completing the bio-supplement course, you either take an analysis or consult with a specialist and look at the symptoms of the disease. The restoration of the microelement balance with the correct calculation of the course will not take much time.

Can dyed hair be tested? In order to get a 100% accurate result, it is better to grow 4 cm of hair without coloring agents and send it for the analysis. We recommend that you to wait 4 weeks after dyeing and cut the hair strand at the root, and fill in the name of your dye in your personal questionnaire on the myYlem health management platform.

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